Sanaipei Tande on Financial Independence, Polygamy, and Respect

Kenyan singer and actress Sanaipei Tande has shared her thoughts on the importance of financial independence, respect, and monogamy in relationships.

In a candid interview with Oga Obinna, Tande said that she believes it is essential for individuals, particularly women, to have their own source of income. She cited examples of couples who have separated, leaving one partner struggling to support themselves financially because they were dependent on their spouse.

“We have seen how many people are splitting and finding themselves in situations where they now can’t cater for themselves,” Tande said. “You must have something for yourself.”

Tande also acknowledged the uncertainties of the future, raising the question of what would happen if a partner were to pass away unexpectedly, leaving financial matters in disarray.

“Even if he tells you that he will take care of you with everything, you never know about tomorrow,” she said. “What if he dies and things were not in order? What will you do? Let’s face it, sometimes even the family takes everything from him after he is gone. You must always have something of your own.”

On the topic of polygamy, Tande said that she would not allow her partner to have a second wife. She acknowledged that such situations often occur, regardless of permission, and highlighted the emotional complexities involved.

“Don’t they cheat always? If you allow or not, some will just do,” she said. “It depends on the dynamics of the relationship and the individuals involved.”

Regarding the possibility of dating multiple men, Tande admitted uncertainty, suggesting that it ultimately depends on the depth of love and the unique circumstances of the relationship.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It depends on how much you love each other and how much you are willing to share.”

Tande emphasized the importance of respect within relationships, regardless of the arrangement.

“You have to respect each other,” she said. “You have to be honest with each other. And you have to be willing to compromise.”

Tande’s views on marriage, polygamy, and financial independence are sure to spark debate. However, her message of self-empowerment and respect is one that is worth considering.

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