Sandra Dacha Comes To Terms With His Boyfriend Akuku Danger Over Polygamy

Like his grandfather, Akuku Danger is willing to follow suit when it comes to polygamy. He showed his interest in having several women at once in his life after he decided to introduce his wife & kid to actress Sandra Dacha after several months of keeping them under wraps.

Actress Sandra Dacha was disenchanted with him, forcing her to lose her cool as she took to social media to call him out.

”“I know I am your side chic but Manason kindly limit the way you are posting your wife,” her post read.”

Dacha continued lamenting after she found out about Akuku Danger’s wife.

” First, it was your wife I understood and even agreed to be your dish and now this!!!???????? Honestly Kuks, hata mimi nimechoka. Enough is enough!! Guys Wanaume hutakanga Nini? Coz this is too much for me. Whoever sent me this video thank you very much, I now know the kind of man i have been dealing with.”

Akuku Danger and Sandra Adacha make a strong case for polygamy

Embracing Polygamy

The actress has now come to claim that she is cool with Akuku Danger engaging in polygamy. She divulged the same in a recent interview with SPM Buzz. She purported that in the current generation, it’s pretty hard for a man to stay with one person.

”Wife ni wife. Bora kila mtu ashike number yake. ”

To be honest, in the current era it’s just so hard for a man to stay with one person. Sharing is caring!

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