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Sandra Dacha hints at possible wedding to boyfriend, Akuku Danger

September 06, 2022 at 10:16
Sandra Dacha hints at possible wedding to boyfriend, Akuku Danger

It has definitely been a minute since Sandra Dacha and boyfriend Akuku Danger made news. Actually last we heard about the two is back when Sandra Dacha had asked the fella to impregnate her….and we’re still waiting to see how that went down.

Sandra Dacha on why she dates married men

However before that, looks like the couple has some plans to settle down meaning they could hold a wedding just before the year ends. This is after Sandra Dacha shared a photo from a bridal party and judging from the caption – it’s either she’s getting married or just wants to get married as soon as possible.

Well knowing that Akuku Danger already has another wife living back in the village, I guess it’s only fair to understand why Sandra Dacha wants to the title ‘wife’ so bad. I mean, after everything they’ve been through together, wouldn’t you also want to know your position in his life is permanent?

Akuku Danger with wife and son

Age not on her side

Although marriage isn’t something most young women are rushing into, it’s different when you hit 30 plus and still have never been in a serious relationship.

Well looking at Dacha age, I bet she’s also realized that times moving really fast; and to avoid spending the rest of her life by herself – I guess throwing hints at potential husband is what she’s left with. No?

Anyway hopefully she gets her wishes fulfilled but then again, if Akuku Danger really wanted to settle down I’m guessing by now he would have done it.


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