Saumu Mbuvi opens up about her 1st boyfriend who was “kienyeji”

The first-born child of politician Mike Sonko, Saumu Mbuvi, claims that dating is challenging for her. She also revealed to SPM Buzz that she had declined numerous advances for a date.

The mother of two spoke candidly about her first boyfriend, referring to him as a “kienyeji and mshamba.” The duo was attending JKUAT while they were dating.

“He was a principled guy alikuwa na heshima sana hiyo wakati alafu alikuwa ametoka know when you look at someone…alikuwa mshamba alikuwa pia ameraisiwa vizuri, wale kienyeji, na heshima.

Alikuwa mtu wa Mungu, wa kanisa.”

She claimed that she was looking for the exact opposite of who she was.

“With my personality, I am an extrovert, just loud and happy and so I wanted someone so opposite of me. It was overwhelming because everyone was competing to gift me. So alijikaza kiume and gifted me sh300k.”

She knew he was struggling to make an impression on her and after discussing his simping, she gave a non-commital response to the question of whether he did indeed make a lasting impression on her with his gift:

“I appreciate the memories because it made me grow and learn.You do not have to overthink and over plan your life. Who is meant to stay in your life will stay. People that love you will never leave.”

After she graduated, she got pregnant before she could go abroad to further her education.

“Mambo ya roho saa zingine inakuanga ngumu you decide first to chose your path and see where it leads and I don’t regret anything in my life even what I went through I got a very beautiful and super smart child.”

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