Saumu Mbuvi Speaks On Her Failed Relationships

Image: Saumu Mbuvi on Radio Jambo

Saumu Mbuvi, the little girl of previous Nairobi lead representative Mike Sonko, focused on her bombed connections uncovering that her most memorable beau was awesome.

Talking during a meeting with SPM Buzz, Saumu said that she had her most memorable beau when she was a fourth-year understudy at Jomo Kenyatta College of Horticulture and Innovation (JKUAT).

Saumu uncovered that her most memorable beau was nonother than her child daddy Ben Gathu.

Sonko’s little girl said Gathu was a ‘kienyeji’ sweetheart who was a non-smoker and teetotaller.

“Alikua mshamba lakini pia alikua amereisiwa vizuri. Alikua grain kienyeji lakini alikua na heshina. Ata pombe ata bangi, never took drugs. Alikua mtu wa Mungu, mtu wa kanisa,” she said.

Saumu said she succumbed to Gathu on the grounds that he was the direct inverse of her regarding character qualities and character.
Another client told her that a relationship is never serious until it is guaranteed by a man out in the open.

“It’s never significant until the man posts yet jibambe maisha no maya guarantee those that don’t guarantee you,” the client told Nyamu.

Anyway the congressperson answered;

“Hii ni Jokes tu, usichukulie serious,”.

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