“Saved chicks aren’t easy to date” says secret admire hitting on Willis Raburu’s ex wife

Image: Marya Prude Ngami

Word has it that Willis Raburu and wife Marya Prude already parted ways for good; but we cannot confirm this as none has come out to confirm the rumor.

However judging from Willis Raburu has been behaving on social media; we might as well believe that their union is over – and as for now, all they can do is have while it lasts. Media personality Willis Raburu seems to be having more fun thanks to his career; and the friends who had missed seeing him live the bachelor life. It is what it is.

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His ex wife Marya Prude on the other hand has also hinted that she may be moving on judging from a text shared on her IG stories. From the text contents it’s obvious to see that she received the message from an admire; who had no clue as to how he would approach a saved chick.

Willis Raburu’s ex, Marya Prude looking brighter after nasty breakup

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Ex wife finally moving on

Having allegedly separated for about 7 months, Marya Prude might be planning to move on; but the fact that she is a saved and serious woman has blocked many men from approaching her.

Marya prude’s texts from admirer

The brave one who left a series of text – however appears confident enough to bag himself the hot lady; but truth is, he can’t find the best approach to use on Marya. He confidently revealed this in his texts that left Marya asking fans whether his perception on saved chicks is true.

Well, judging from how Willis Raburu took a 360 turn after their breakup – proves that keeping up for most men would be hard.

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