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Seductive videos of DJ Mo’s side chick emerge leaving many mesmerized by her dancing skills (Videos)

October 07, 2020 at 09:50
Seductive videos of DJ Mo's side chick emerge leaving many mesmerized by her dancing skills (Videos)

DJ Mo has been trending for a few hours now thanks to an expose done by blogger Edgar Obare aka The tea master! After years of rumors claiming DJ Mo has been cheating on his wife; the case was finally cracked open, and boy was it ugly!

Turns out that the gospel DJ had been having his extra marital affairs with a lady from Bahrain. According to the screenshots shared by the blogger, the lady goes on to reveal that she has been seeing the guy for 4 years now.

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DJ Mo’s side chick

Everytime she was in the country, the lass always hooked up with the married man; and for some reason DJ Mo seems to have really enjoyed this to a point where this became an entanglement.

Private part photos

Thanks to the lady who clearly exposed DJ Mo for his cheating ways; fans also got to see other things like his blurred ‘ding dong’ that comfortably paraded to his woman while she watched.

Anyway away from that, many have stopped asking what the gospel disc jockey saw in the lady; shortly after videos showing her dancing skills emerged.

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Well, lets just say that she knows how to keep a man entertained; and so far fans on Twitter have come out to explain why they may understand why DJ Mo cheated.

In a past episode of the Muraya’s show, Baba Wambo was once heard claiming that Size 8’s baggy shirts barely turn him on; and after seeing what his side chick steps out in – then we now see where the problem is!

Watch the steamy videos below.


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