Sexually transmitted wealth! Huddah finally confesses dishing out s@x to rich people changed her life 

Image: Boss lady

For a long time, Huddah Monroe and a majority of Kenyans have been fighting on how she got her wealth.

The socialite was recently on social media to dropped some serious hints that it’s true sleeping with richer men do change someone’s lifestyle. We all know Huddah has risen from the poverty of Umoja Estate to now where she’s, living large abroad.

According to her, women should use their private parts to climb social ladders and should ensure they have a good brain which will help them keep the money they have earned.

“Pussy opens the doors. Brains determine if you’ll stay in, have a sit at the table and change the status quo! From nothing to something!” she wrote in her post.


The post comes just days after Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro called her a slut who is travelling all over the world selling her body while preaching she’s an entrepreneur.


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