Shakilla leads ashawo plea to government following Rita Waeni murder

Image: Shakilla

The unfolding details of the murder of Rita Mueni, the 20-year-old found dismembered at a Roysambu Airbnb, have deeply shaken Kenyans.

Socialite Shakilla, known for her outspokenness about dating Nigerian men, has called on the Government to swiftly take action to ensure the safety of Kenyans.

Expressing her dismay, Shakilla shared a screenshot of a newspaper headline revealing the arrest of a Nigerian man attempting to flee to Abuja. She captioned it with a solemn “Dam*” and a sad face emoji.


The socialite has been vocal about the deaths at Airbnbs, including that of Starlet Wahu and Rita Waeni.

“With what is going on in Kenya, specifically in the Airbnb business, the Govt should really rethink the visa rule!!” she urged, adding, “The cases are just going to get higher. I mean, these foreigners are going to stay in the BnBs!!! The girls in the streets ain’t safe.”

Shakilla, self-proclaimed as 20 years old and dubbed the Queen of the Streets, has emphasized her preference for dating Nigerian men due to their financial and romantic attributes.

The family of Rita Waeni revealed that the murder suspects demanded a sh500k ransom for her release. A family spokesperson shared that Rita’s father received a message from her phone number demanding the ransom within 24 hours.

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