Shakilla shares her insider tip following the receipt of a sumptuous Sh428k birthday gift.

Image: “I am proud of Shakilla but I’m not proud of her actions,” Shakilla confesses (Video)

Tiffany Shakilla had a lavish celebration for her 21st birthday. The Kenyan socialite, now residing in South Africa, shared glimpses of how her mysterious partner orchestrated the birthday festivities, garnering attention for the extravagant gifts.


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Turning 21 on April 20, she marked the occasion with a weekend outing, followed by a post-celebration luncheon. Before the festivities, she was captured approaching a room where gifts were neatly arranged on a bed.

Dressed in a sleek black slip dress and adorned with a silver tiara, she eagerly pointed out the gifts awaiting her. Shakilla captioned the moment “Pressure Tiwa.”


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Among the notable gifts was a handbag valued at R61400, equivalent to approximately 428,727 Kenyan shillings. Additionally, seven other gift boxes adorned the bed, their contents left undisclosed.

While showcasing the luxurious acquisition, she encouraged women to pursue relationships with high-value partners. “Ladies, aim for successful men. They’ll provide and pamper you,” a voiceover echoed as she displayed the receipt.

Expressing gratitude for the heartfelt birthday wishes from followers, Shakilla reflected on personal growth and lessons learned throughout her journey.

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