Shakilla Throws Shade At Khalif Kairo’s Girlfriend (Screenshot)

Khalif Kairo is recently making headlines for his boss moves that have roped in his girlfriend Cera Imani. Being the young enterpreneur that he is, Khalif continues to give netizens more reasons to follow up on his life.

To begin with, Khalif was accused of being a member of the money-laundering business, not forgetting to mention he was also accused of being a drug dealer.

According to a section of online fans, Khalif accumulated his wealth using unscrupuluous means, including the above mentioned. He currently owns Kai & Karo car dealership- a company for selling & buying cars.

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Khalif Defends Cera

With that being said, Khalif’s girlfriend has also been conglomerated in the conversation surrounding him. Photos of Cera in the past have circulated on X(Twitter), with an aim of tarnishing her name.

Prophets of ‘mtaachana tu’ have been on the frontline trying to separate the couple using such strategies, but Khalif has been protective to his girlfriend.

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Shakilla Responds

Khalif recently decided to make things a little spicy after offering a Volkswagen to anyone who would compose a poem praising his girlfriend. The comment section was shorlty flocked with numerous poems, some by the same people who criticized his girlfriend.

Shakilla took to the comment section to throw shade at Cera, writing ;

”She may have more mileage than the car”

Shakilla is just among the numerous online fans who have trolled Cera despite the lady eschewing response from online bullies.

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