Karen Nyamu Gives Response To Fans Asking Murkomen To Take Action Against Her Inappropriate Road Behaviour

Image: Karenzo

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is back in the spotlight, this time facing public backlash for a traffic violation. The controversy centers around Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen’s pledge to address dangerous driving.

The saga began with a video showing two young men riding precariously on the window of a moving Mercedes. Murkomen responded swiftly on social media, vowing to hold the car owner accountable.

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However, Kenyans questioned Murkomen’s consistency. They pointed to a prior incident involving Senator Nyamu herself. In February, a video surfaced showing Nyamu’s driver navigating through traffic on the wrong side of the road, even passing a traffic officer. The Senator allegedly encouraged her driver with the phrase;

“Ukiiba lazima uibe na confidence” (loosely translating to “if you’re going to break the law, do it with confidence”).

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Nyamu’s Response

This blatant disregard for traffic rules sparked outrage on social media. Many Kenyans criticized Nyamu’s behavior and called for Murkomen to take action against her, mirroring his response to the Mercedes incident.

Facing mounting pressure, Senator Nyamu went ahead to give a cheeky reponse to fans via her Instagram stating;

“Mnanizoea sana. Na hapa nyuma mmenifanyia injustice,” she wrote.

From Murkomen’s side, he is yet to address whether he will take action on Karen Nyamu. But we all know how this will end up.

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