Shorn Arwa Shares Dislikes About Her Nigerian Husband

UK-based Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa is known for sharing candid insights into her life. Recently, she offered a glimpse into her marriage to her Nigerian husband, exploring five aspects of their cross-cultural relationship that sometimes require adjustment.

1. Attention, Please: While Shorn appreciates her husband’s devotion to their child, she playfully admits to wanting a fair share of the spotlight. The contrasting approaches – constant baby photos versus rare requests for hers – highlight the different ways they express affection.

2. The Need to Know (or not): Shorn’s desire to share details and delve into gossip sometimes clashes with her husband’s laid-back attitude. His preference for staying out of matters that don’t directly concern him can leave her feeling unheard.

3. Praiseworthy Efforts: Shorn puts effort into her appearance, seeking validation from her husband. However, his tendency to offer a simple “okay” instead of effusive praise can be a bit of a downer. Her playful longing for a “drop-dead gorgeous” remark captures the universal desire for appreciation.

4. The Optimist’s Bias: Shorn describes her husband’s unwavering optimism as both a blessing and a challenge. While she admires his ability to see the good in all situations, she sometimes craves a more realistic perspective, especially when facing difficulties.

5. Navigating Differences: These five examples illustrate the unique dynamics of a cross-cultural relationship. Shorn’s lighthearted approach showcases the humor and understanding needed to navigate differences in communication, expectations, and cultural norms.

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