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“Sina mpango wa kuolewa” Hamisa Mobetto reveals why she won’t be anyone’s wife anytime soon

February 09, 2018 at 12:55
"Sina mpango wa kuolewa" Hamisa Mobetto reveals why she won't be anyone's wife anytime soon

Hamisa Mobetto seems to have been heartbroken by her baby daddy’s philandering ways. The mother of two had hopes of being Diamond’s wife but continued scandals involving her baby daddy became too much for her.

Hamisa Mobetto is a mother of a boy and a girl who were fathered by different men. Sometimes mid last year Hamisa was giving Zari sleepless nights as they fought over Diamond.

Diamond however had no plans of leaving Zari for another woman or stop fooling around with other women. The rumors linking Diamond to having affair with Tunda Sebastian and Wema Sepetu broke Hamisa’s heart and dreams.

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I’m not ready for marriage

Hamisa Mobetto recently revealed that she has no plans to getting married soon. The mother of two explains that she is among people who don’t believe in marriage because she got her two children out of wedlock.

“Sina mpango wa kuolewa anytime soon.I’m not ready, siko tayari kwa ndoa kwa sasa hivi. Maybe in the future we don’t know. Mimi ni baadhi ya watu ambao siamini sana ndoa. Ndio maana nimezaa watoto nje ya ndoa mapema,” said Hamisa Mobetto.



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