Single mother Akothee lands lucrative partnership days after being mocked

Akothee has been insisting that success isn’t sexually transmitted but earned. The singer has been instructing single women to focus on their hustles and ignore derailers who will just end messing them up.

She proved she is one focused mum after she managed to land a partniship with top tours and travel Agency in Italy called that will see her Safari company double it’s customers.

“Successful partnerships with the greatest tours & travel Agencies in Italy Como . AKOTHEE SAFARIS TO THE WORLD , SAFARI KENYA.” she said on Instagram. 

Chasing deals

This is a deal she has been chasing for a few days now after concluding her Europe tour recently. A few days ago she posted saying:

“It takes only you to make your life better or mess it up, blame every one till you have your self to blame #smartmoves #operationsAkotheesafaris. Halafu kesho utaskia oooh she speaks Italian because she is dating an Italian Muzungu ??? success is not sexually transmitted my friend it’s earned @akotheesafaris marketing ?? I want to speak this language baaadly.”



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