Size 8 calls hubby DJ Mo a narcissist, saying she’s “tired of pretenders.”

Image: Size 8 ordained as preacher

Gospel singer turned pastor Linet Munyali, commonly known as Size 8, has opened up about her husband DJ Mo’s behavior, revealing instances where she felt harassed.

During a candid discussion on their new reality show broadcast on TV 47, the couple engaged in an open conversation with their pastors, sharing their perspectives on recent events.

One incident highlighted by DJ Mo accused Size 8 of leaving him at a petrol station, forcing him to use a motorbike to reach their destination.

Expressing her frustration during the discussion, Size 8 referred to her husband as a narcissist and questioned his reactions to her actions, stating:

“Let me ask you one question. When you pinch someone, what do you expect? Or if I slap you, how will you react? Here, I do not understand this person. I am telling you he is a narcissist. A person who presses you, but when you react, you’re the bad one.”

Size 8 continued to address issues of communication and respect in their marriage, emphasizing that many marital problems stem from men’s egos and their failure to listen to their wives.

She recalled counseling sessions where DJ Mo was advised to return home early, only for him to revert to his previous habits shortly after.

Expressing her exhaustion with maintaining appearances, Size 8 stated, “I asked him if I was his cow to take all his rubbish and nonsense, and then when we are in front of people, he is like ‘baby cheza kama wewe’, smile. I am tired of this smiling. I am tired of this pretending. When we are taking pictures, I have to stand like this oh, couple goals. Couple goals for what, and someone is harassing me in the house.”

In a previous episode, Size 8 also talked about a challenging period when she contemplated divorce and even consulted a lawyer to initiate proceedings.

She discussed the profound challenges she faced, leading her to consider ending her marriage, saying, “I reached a place where I felt hopeless, where I saw a point of no return, and I think depression kind of kicked in. So I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t see a way out, so I decided to call a divorce lawyer and told him I want to divorce, I want to take the children, so I asked him to start considering the paperwork.”

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