Size 8 shares information on her legal consultation for a divorce

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Gospel singer Lilian Munyali recently shared details about her marriage with DJ Mo, recounting a time when she sought a lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings. In a candid conversation with Raych and her husband on their show “Love in the Wild,” Size 8 disclosed the challenges she faced and the moment she considered divorce.

“I reached a place where I saw hopelessness, and I was experiencing a point of no return. I think depression kicked in, so I was not thinking straight. I didn’t see a way out. I decided to call a divorce lawyer and told him I want a divorce, and I want to take the children. I asked him to start thinking about the paperwork,” revealed Size 8.

DJ Mo explained that he learned about Size 8’s decision to consult a divorce lawyer through a WhatsApp text and expressed confusion about what he might have done to trigger such a reaction from his wife.

“When I found out she had called a lawyer, it was through one thing. She sent me a WhatsApp message, saying, ‘I have gone to a lawyer, and I have written this and this.’ I told her, ‘Okay, we will talk about it.’ I was wondering, ‘What had I done?'” disclosed DJ Moh.

Size 8, a mother of two, elaborated on what prevented her from following through with the divorce decision, attributing her change of heart to conversations with her mother-in-law and a church retreat.

“What made me not do it, first, I talked to his mother, and she told me, ‘You’re very angry; don’t rush.’ Then there was the church retreat. So I said, ‘I’m going to give my marriage one more chance and see if he’s willing to work on this marriage.'”

The ‘Mateke’ hitmaker added that men often don’t realize their mistakes, responding to her husband’s remark about not exactly knowing what he had done wrong. She explained that she had numerous reasons prompting her initial consideration of divorce.

“And men, you know, even now, ask a man what his mistakes are, and he won’t know, and I was supposed to leave him for many things,” she said.

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