Size 8’s latest release ‘Kujeni Twende’ is totally worth your time (Video)

Image: Size 8

Gospel songstress Linet Munyali, alias Size 8, is back with a new song and I’m are really feeling it. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that it’s totally worth your time.

She has featured upcoming gospel singer Alpha Mwana Mtule in the song dubbed Kujeni Twende which loosely translates to “come, let’s go.”

Alpha Mwana Mtule
Alpha Mwana Mtule

The song asks human beings to turn to Christ for it is in him that they will find happiness and comfort.

The song’s chorus is very simple and easy to remember. It goes like, “Kujeni twende Twende kwa Mola tukae naye Kujeni twende Twende kwa Mola tuseme naye.

Apart from the good lyrical flow, I was also impressed by the Lingala-infused beat. Chances are, you’ll stand up to dance while listening to this song.

Size 8
Size 8

The song was produced by Bern and directed by the super-talented Sammy Dee of True D. Put simply, the video is also impressive.

Size 8 has been doing exceptionally well since she got saved and crossed over to the gospel industry. Initially, most people thought it was a bluff but she has stood the test of time.

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What I love most about her is her versatility.  She makes music that appeals to different audiences or generations. If you are keen you’ll notice how her songs are different.

Take for instance Tam Tam, which she did with Willy Paul, and Send Forth. The former leans on the the praise side while the latter is more of a worship song.

In the same way, her latest single dubbed Kujeni Twende is different. It’s a praise song with a fire Lingala beat.

Perhaps, she relevant to this very date because of her versatility.

Watch Kujeni Twende below and tell us what you think.

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