Sosuun Addresses Rumors About Her Relationship with Her Female Bestie

Sosuun, a Kenyan rapper, has addressed rumors about her relationship with her female bestie.

The rumors began after Sosuun posted a photo of herself and her bestie in a club, with the caption “Am hiding her from everyone ❤️❤️.”

Some people interpreted the photo as evidence that Sosuun is in a romantic relationship with her bestie. However, Sosuun has denied these rumors, saying that she is simply “sister-loving.”

“Why? No am not that’s just sister love😍” she said in a comment on Instagram.


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Sosuun has also said that she is single and not interested in dating anyone at the moment.

“Since y’all still need to confirm through my dm’s I’ll say here again ‘I am not in a relationship’,” she said.

Sosuun’s comments have amused her fans, who have been enjoying the drama. Some fans have even joked that they are also interested in Sosuun’s bestie.

“Y’all don’t love your besties right,” Sosuun said in response to the jokes.

Sosuun’s comments have also sparked a conversation about the importance of acceptance and tolerance. Many people have praised Sosuun for being open about her sexuality, and for not conforming to traditional gender roles.

“I love how Sosuun is not afraid to be herself,” one fan said. “She’s an inspiration to us all.”

Sosuun’s story is a reminder that love comes in many different forms. It is important to be accepting of everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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