Spider Clan Appeals For Help Despite Hit Song’s Success

Kenyan gengetone group Spider Clan, famous for their hit song “Rieng Genje,” has surprised fans by revealing they haven’t earned any money from the viral song. Despite the song’s massive success, with over 4.2 million views in six months, the group claims to have received no financial benefit.

They clarified that they only learned about monetization options after the song blew up, leaving the sound producer as the sole beneficiary. This revelation contradicts the public perception of their financial success.

“People think we have money because of the song,” the group said. “It gave us fame, but no money.”

Spider Clan further addressed their disappointment with Mike Sonko, who facilitated their travel and accommodation for a performance in Mombasa but allegedly failed to fulfill further promises of assistance.

Their plea for support extends to club promoters, hoping for invitations to perform and generate income.

Regarding the controversy surrounding comedian 2mbili’s offer to help Ngesh, the group emphasized they couldn’t accept individual assistance while their crew members remained unsupported. While this caused conflict, they hold no resentment towards 2mbili.

Spider Clan’s story highlights the challenges faced by even successful artists in the music industry. Despite their catchy song achieving global recognition, they struggle to translate popularity into financial gain. Their experience serves as a reminder of the need for better transparency and fair compensation within the music industry, ensuring artists are adequately rewarded for their talent and creativity.

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