Sports CS Ababu Namwamba Rejects Calls to Resign

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has rejected calls to resign from his position, despite facing allegations of mismanagement and neglect of duty.

Namwamba, who was grilled by Members of Parliament last week, said that he is doing a good job and that there is no reason for him to step down.

He also said that he is not aware of any joyriders accompanying official delegations to sporting events.

Namwamba’s critics have accused him of failing to attend to athletes who represented Kenya at the Berlin Games, and of neglecting his duties at the ministry.

However, Namwamba has defended his record, saying that he inherited a “mess” at the ministry and that he is working to turn things around.

He has also said that he is willing to appear before Parliament to answer any questions that MPs may have.

The allegations against Namwamba come at a time when the Ministry of Sports is facing a number of challenges, including the suspension of Kenya by FIFA.

Namwamba has said that he is committed to resolving these challenges and that he will not be distracted by the calls for his resignation.

In the meantime, the matter is likely to be debated in Parliament in the coming days.

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