Standard Media Group ordered to pay sexy former cop Ksh 6.5 million

A former police officer, Linda Okello, has won a defamation case against the Nairobian newspaper and two others. The court ordered the defendants to pay Okello Sh6.5 million in damages.

Okello filed the case in 2014 after the defendants published a photo of her in a tight skirt, which they claimed was immodest. Okello argued that the photo was taken without her consent and that it was used to defame her.

The court found in Okello’s favor and ruled that the defendants had defamed her. The court also ordered the defendants to publish an apology to Okello.

This is a significant victory for Okello, who has been fighting for justice for many years. The ruling sends a message that the media should be held accountable for their actions.

Heres a short timeline of how everything played out:

  • Okello was demoted from corporal to constable after she was pictured in the tight skirt.
  • She sued the Inspector General of Police for wrongful dismissal.
  • She relocated to the US after leaving the police force.

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