Stevo Simple Boy shares facts about his date with Kyallo Betty

Kenyan musician Stevo Simple Boy has disclosed the cost of his dinner date with TV actress and socialite Betty Kyallo, addressing skeptics who doubt his ability to take her out.

In a brief interview with SPM Buzz, Stevo responded to those doubting him, asserting that they are akin to “The Doubting Thomas” because they know they cannot replicate his actions. He revealed that he spent 250,000 Ksh on the date and invited skeptics to witness their second date to see both the expenses and the setup.

The “ndio manake” hitmaker clarified that the date lasted about an hour, explaining that the significant cost was attributed to factors such as their clothing and the type of food they consumed at the restaurant.

“Kwanza hoteli, vyakula tulikula hapo, mavazi, kila kitu hapo iligharimu pesa. Yes, nilimununulia mavazi,” Stevo explained.

He narrated how he initiated the date by sending a direct message to Betty, and she responded, suggesting they meet. Stevo attributed Betty’s quick acceptance to their previous interaction when she interviewed him about his viral track, “Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati.”

Stevo praised Betty, describing her as humble, fun, and possessing a calm soul that anyone would enjoy being around. He expressed his anticipation for feedback from Betty on the love triangle they discussed, envisioning a future as a couple that could settle down and raise children.

“Unajua ukifanya kitu huwanga watu hawaamini wamekuwa Thomas…nataka watu wakuje waone my second date na Betty waje waone maandalizi vile hela inatumika,” Stevo shared.

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