“Stick to your young man and build with him” Wahu Kagwi schools young ladies

Image: SInger Nameless and Wahu

As a mother of 2 young girls, Wahu Kagwi recently shared a post telling the youths on the importance of focusing on people their age.

In her post the gospel singer talks about the importance of both young ladies and men coupling up and started from the bottom together. According to Wahu there is joy in knowing that you have worked on your own wealth; instead of interfering with older people who misled them.

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Having married the love of her life at a young age, Wahu has preserved and helped build her family. However in the generation we are living in, many Youths prefer finding sponsors to settle down with.

Treat your woman right

She goes on to urge young men to value their women and help them progress in life. This is important since the ones they decide to settle with may be ticket having a successful future. She wrote saying;

Do you agree?

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