Stivo Simple Boy Depressed After Learning That His Wife Is Pregnant For Another Man

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy’s marriage with Grace Atieno appears to be strained following revelations that she is pregnant, allegedly with another man’s child. Sources close to the couple report that Stevo has been struggling with depression since learning of the pregnancy.

“He’s been deeply affected,” revealed a confidante. “He’s been contemplating his next steps and feeling understandably hurt by the situation.”

Adding fuel to the fire is a leaked audio clip in which Stevo seemingly denies paternity. “We weren’t together after my dad’s funeral,” he’s heard saying. “She came back already pregnant.”

Grace Atieno has remained largely silent on the matter, but acknowledged a shift in their relationship, promising to share her perspective in the new year.

This news casts a shadow over the couple’s previously seemingly happy union. Only time will tell if they can navigate this sensitive situation and mend their rift.

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