Stivo Simple Boy Says He Wishes To Have Children With Betty Kyallo

Image: Stivo Simple Boy with braces

Reiterating his romantic interest in media personality Betty Kyallo is Kenyan music sensation Stevo Simple Boy.

The hitmaker of “Mihadarati,” who posted on Instagram, freely expressed his desires and said he would settle if Betty gave him a chance.

”Lakini .. Wanaume mna hurt break Betty kyalo hua mnafikiriaje.. shida yenu Nini..ona mtoto milk maziwa, mtoto welo welo, mtoto fine thank you.. Betty kyalo Mimi Niko singoli na ukinipa fursa sitakuweka njaa kama pastor makenzi..nitakutunza kama Siri ya dunia na bingu..najua mambo itakuwa LOMBO LOMBO bila Sinza Sinza au sio?! Mwaaaaaaaaa

Stevo said that he hoped the celebrity would produce him three kids at the very least. He also added that he would settle if Betty Kyallo accepted his proposal;

“Me, when I get Betty Kyallo and settle down… and she gives me three children, two boys, and one girl. God bless 🙏🏼🥰 God, you created all this yourself 😊. Now I ask you to bless me with it,” Stevo wrote.

Simple Boy has previously been in a relationship with Pritty Vishy; whom they shared love while still living in Kibera slums. They however, broke up shortly after fame. Stivo’s love for ‘thick’ women is now evident. But Betty Kyallo is yet to respond to Stivo’s request.

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