Surgery is performed on Miracle Baby following a medical emergency

Peter Miracle Baby, the artist who transitioned from Gengetone to Mugithi music, is presently in the process of recuperating in the hospital after undergoing surgery.

The public figure shared news of his hospitalization, expressing gratitude to those who have supported him during this challenging time.

“Thank God for the successful surgery, but please continue praying for me,” Miracle Baby shared.

His baby mama, Carol Katrue, also provided an update, offering details about Miracle Baby’s surgery and his current condition.

According to Katrue, her partner encountered complications in his lower abdomen, where his intestines had been affected.

She explained that Peter will be using a tube attached to his body for the next 6 months for his toilet needs until he fully recovers.

“Hey guys, the surgery was successful, but the intestines had burst, and they have managed to wash [them]. He will be going to the toilet through a pipe, and they have left some intestines outside for 6 weeks. When he recovers, he will go back to the theatre so that the intestines can be returned inside,” read an update from Carol Katrue.

People from various backgrounds in Kenya joined the conversation, extending their well wishes for Miracle Baby’s swift recovery.

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