Thug Life! This is what veteran journalist Julie Gichuru had to say about rapper 2pac

Former Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru knows a lot about the hip hop culture not only as a journalist but as a fan too.

Gichuru was on social media recently to talk about one of the greatest rappers who changed the world with his music and poetry. The journalist was talking about Tupac Shakur, who is widely known for his dynamic personality and efforts to change the world, and most of all, black lives.

“23 years ago Tupac released Me Against the World. Powerful. Profound. Epic. Revolutionary. Revealing. Heartbreaking. Inspirational,” said Julie Gichuru on her post. 


Exchanged some 2pac knowledge with fans

Gichuru then replied to a few comments on the post as fans chimed on Tupac and how he was a legend.

  • brainygangstaBlack American culture is more than just hip hop. If you havent done so already maybe learn about Langston Hughes, Angela Davis, etc. Tupac was inspired by these ppl. His mama was a ‘Black Panther.’


  • juliegichuru@brainygangsta who thought it was just hip hop? That is a terribly uninformed perspective. Yes, his mother the late Afeni Shakur was a Black Panther and his Aunt Assata Shaker was too. She has been living in Cuba under their protection for decades now and is on the US Most Wanted List. His step father Mutulu Shakur was also a Panther and got Tupac to start thinking about impact legacy and transformation. He was working on uniting warring gangs and signing them up to a code of conduct when he was assasinated…


  • juliegichuru@brainygangsta I appreciate him, his voice, his art, but I have been studying the slave trade, civil rights activism and much more since I was a child. A mention of one aspect of life should not imply lack of knowledge or appreciation of another. Sadly we seem to always assume this. We should always strive to think deeper ?