AY fails to confirm or deny he has broken up with wife

Tanzanian singer AY was recently asked about whether he’s still with his wife Remy following flying rumors that they no longer staying together.

A blogger claimed that AY and Remy, who have been together for only two years, have parted ways and the rapper had taken their son to Rwanda to stay with the wife’s parents.

Can’t talk

In an interview with EATV however, AY avoided speaking about the issue saying he’s a man who doesn’t talk about rumors.

Hizo story gani sasa, wewe za udaku mimi sio mtu wa mambo ya udaku. Hizi stori za udaku mimi nazitoleaje ufafanuzi, kwasababu mtu mmoja anaamka nakuandika anachotaka,” said the Tanzanian rapper.

According to the social media post, the blogger claimed that Remy abandoned her husband together with their son and she fled to the United States, where she is currently working.

RIP! Popular Tanzanian actor Mzee Majuto passes on 

Amri Athuman AKA Mzee Maji Moto, the popular actor from Tanzania, is dead. The actor, who has appeared in numerous Bongo films, passed away while undergoing treatment at Tanzania’s Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Maji Moto was suffering from a hernia and had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit due to his deteriorating condition until August 8 when he passed on.

Long Career

Several celebs including Diamond Platnumz took to social media to mourn the legend, who has been a key pillar in Tanzanian movie industry.

Majuto was born in 1948 and is known for his roles in movies such as Kondakta, Mama Nitilie Movie and King Majuto Returns Home among many others. He started acting while only nine years old.

This is the hot chick Tanzania’s AY recently scored that he can’t stop flaunting on Social media…she’s Rwandese

Tanzania’s AY is a man in love and he wants the whole world to know about it.

His social media is full of photos of him and his new found love whom as Soudy Brown revealed is Rwandese. Whether on vacation in Zanzibar or chilling by the pool during Easter, he’s keen on sharing everything.

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Even when they’re rocking matching T-shits then the wold has to know.

Unfortunately Tanzanian women are not very happy about this as evidenced on Soudy Brown’s instagram where most of them think he should have scored himself a Tanzanian girl instead of looking elsewhere.

AY was a major highlight for the better part of last year when he dropped the remix to Zigo, which became a club banger for the better part of last year.

Here is he is with his new love: