Barak Jacuzzi says ‘Less stress’ in his new banger

Barak Jacuzzi says ‘Less stress’ in his new banger . Less Stress comes in 4 weeks after he was featured in Tanasha’s new song Radio. He is a fast rising name in the entertainment scene in Kenya.

Rap has been greatly embraced in Kenya. In less stress he says that no hurry and it should not be stressful. The tennis instructor has received great support from Tanasha Donna who has been marketing the song on her Instagram account.

Barak Jacuzzi; Less stress

Production of ‘Less Stress’

The video was directed by Ivan Odie. In addition, it was produced by Addi Beats. It is written and Performed by Barak Jacuzzi. The video is a sign that Jacuzzi values quality.

It is in sync with the audio. Also it was shot in Kenya. Further, his choice of background is good and the costumes are great.

Also, the video is an international standards. The beats are amazing.

Lyrical presentation

His style of music is amazing. In his lyrics he goes ahead to mention some of the titles done by Kenyan artists. He is talking of letting others do their thing as he takes his time to do his.

Also there is use of rhyme in his work. This gives the song good flow. The lyrics are well presented and one does not miss the energy used to deliver.

Further, there some of the lines that makes you want to go on and play the song. ‘Less stress more sex , more cheques’. More of a free style song.

Barak got energy in the way he has delivered this song. His style is unique.

This jam is more of a club banger. The lyrics tell it all and his choice of words. In addition, the songs target audience are the youth and the lovers of rap. Finally, new age music is doing fine.

Click on the link below to watch the video.