Why Frankie JustGymit takes pride in being a deadbeat dad

Frankie Just Gym it may not be making news like he used to but that doesnt mean he is not entertaining his followers on social media. If you follow him, i bet you’ve realize he likes making TikTok videos about baby mamas and deadbeat dads….and the funny part is – he enjoys them so much that he reshares the videos on his other social media pages.

Well the latest video, Frankie shows fans how he reacts once his woman tells him she is pregnant and….that is by dodging…a clip that left his following pointing fingers at him for being a toxic man. Yea, yea….its funny but at the same time offensive to his baby mamas especially since rumor has it that he is a deadbeat.

However despite knowing the clip would trigger a few single mums and dads out here, Frankie still shared it like it’s nothing. So what would explain the confidence behind this…..

Had an absent dad

Judging from his insensitivity, clearly we cabt hwlp but ask whether his dad was around while growing up; because if he was – i am pretty sure he would have learnt a few things from him like, how to treat his baby mamas and girlfriends – which Frankie the gymist seems to have failed despite having been in the game for so many years.

His women entertain his behavior

Well, we can’t just blame him without also looking at the women he is mocking. For example, Corazon Kwamboka went ahead to date and even have kids with the guy….knowing very well his other baby mama (Maureen Waititu) claims she gets no support from the fella. Maureen Waititu also fought for him like her life depended on it and yet – she was the bread winner in the family.

Friends with similar character

If Frankie really had friends who are responsible dads, don’t you think this would have rubbed off on him? Like they say….show me your friends and I will tell you the person you are….and clearly Frankie’s actions speak for everyone he associates with.


Like the clip shows….Frankie loses interest the moment he learns about any of his women is expectant.

Bags strong independent women

Looking at how hardworking Maureen Waititu is and how much millions Corazon Kwamboka made during her glory days….. I bet Frankie is always assured that his babies will be just fine – hence his behavior.