Gwaash is back with ‘Pepeta’ alongside Quanchy and Rawky and it’s a banger (Video)

Fat Boy Gwaash, who is also known as Mr. Sponyo, has teamed up with Quanchy and Rawky on his latest release and we really love it.

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The song titled Pepeta is about well-endowed lasses shaking their derrieres like there is no tomorrow. Put simply, it’s all about twerking. Sorry if you are the kind of people that look for a message, there’s none here.

Anyway, I really love this jam. Apart from the curvaceous ladies who were picked as vixens for this video, I could not get enough of the witty rhymes and wordplay by the artists. They totally nailed it.


This was my second time listening to a jam by Quanchy and I  must admit that he’s really good. Although his rhymes aren’t all that, he is without a doubt the upcoming king of hooks.

Rawky is not too bad either. His wordplay seems effortless and chances are, you will look for other songs by him after listening to this jam.

As expected, Gwaash also nailed it. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything less from him. He brought life to it with his dope rhymes and if it ever goes viral, we’ll have him to thank.

The beat, which was produced by a lad known as Mawa, was also dope. As I was listening to this jam, I could picture ladies in a club twerking like the world is coming to an end.

Watch Pepeta below and tell us what you think.