Amber Ray’s ex boyfriend finally moves on, introduces new potential girlfriend

Amber Ray’s ex boyfriend Kabba from  SierraLeone might have just bagged himself a new lady that is judging from a post shared this past weekend.

Well – although we knowing about the lady; we’ve learnt that she is into fashion and design with her own clothing line. Unlike Amber Ray the said lady is dark skinned with an athletes body and – well appears very strong.

Kabba made her known by reposting some of his photos which she’d shared on her Instagram stories captioning them Me Amor; which means my love and trust me – from her excitement – we can tell she’s happy to have him around. Maybe its a short term thing or maybe long term – but good thing is that he’s finally moving on.

Kabba bags himself new lady

Kabba bags himself new girlfriend

Well chances are that he may have opted to find someone new – now that his ex, Amber Ray keeps juggling men left, right and center.

Her latest catch – Kennedy Rapudo has been trying his best to keep her in his corner and that means – spending and spending which of course Amber Ray likes.

Anyway below is a photo of the young lady we believe to have bagged herself some Kabba…..with her around – let’s hope he won’t keep whining on social media about being used by a Kenyan lady.

Lady believed to be warming Kabba’s girlfriend