Andrew Kibe finally buys new shoes after Kenyans mocked him over ‘his only one pair’

Radio host and online verbal bully Andrew Kibe, according to Kenyans, has only one pair that he wears day and night, Summer and Winter, muddy or dusty times.

The shoe is all-weather which is okay with Kibe but Kenyans are apparently tired of it. Kenyans ganged up online to force the popular radio host to buy another pair saying they are tired of that one.


He did buy new shoes but Kenyans still didn’t stop. The NRG radio presenter bought a new shoe, but netizens were quick to claim that it cost him just Ksh 200 at Muthurwa late night.

The Radio station took to its Twitter account to announce the ‘big’ achievement of Kibe.

“That’s how you rock a new shoe at work. How much do you think @Kybeness‘ shoe cost? . Also, kindly note that #NRGIsPregnant and we are about to deliver.”