Madini defends girlfriend from trolls claiming she is unattractive

Singer Madini is determined to prove his relationship with Pritty Vishy but just like his alleged relationship with Carrol Sonnie – of course fans know this is him trying to market his music.

Anyway after weeks of putting up with the act, Madini has now come forth to address trolls picking on Vishy for her looks. According to the singer, most of the people throwing this shade are known to share filtered photos to enhance their looks; yet his woman remains natural and real – something he is proud to brag about.

For him, Pritty will remain the most beautiful he has come across and if you have any doubts about her looks…then meet Pritty in person to see the beautiful he sees in her.

I don’t understand why most of you guys think Pritty is not beautiful is it because she doesn’t flex with filtered photos online like some of you? Get to meet that chil physically you will agree with me that she’s cute.

Growing stronger

The singer’s post comes just a few days after he revealed he is ready to double Pritty Vishy’s Ksh 2M dowry price since she is worth everything he can offer. Speaking with Nicholas Kioko, singer Madini said;

Izi pekeake izi ni io pesa bro so kama natembea na 2 million kwa shingo, za kumpea tu yaani ni kama sweet to nanunua kwa duka, ata nitaongeza itakua 4 million.

And just like that Pritty Vishy bagged herself a husband na wewe hata Huna wakukulipia okoa jahazi. Sigh.