Naiboi has really slowed down lately

Kenyan singer Michael Claver Odhiambo, alias Naiboi, has really slowed down this year and this begs the question, is he okay? Has he lost his mojo? Is something big cooking?

You see, I’m such a huge fan of the Dinda hit maker. I always look forward to his releases but this year I feel like his latest music is tasteless, but then again I could be wrong. Maybe he has something big in the works and we have no clue.

Since the year began, Naiboi has released two songs namely; Somaga and Bungee Jump excluding collabos. If you have been his fan since way back, you’ll also agree that both songs are neither here nor there. Put simply, they are just flat.

It took 14 years for him to become a household name and when he finally did in 2017 we thought he would keep up the momentum, more so after he released 2 in 1 – a song that went on to become one of 2018’s biggest jams.

We are six months into the year. Well, you could say 7 because we only have a few  days to wrap up this month. The reason I’m worried is because Naiboi is yet to give us a hit. The only explanation could be that he’s working on something.


Or is that we expect too much from him? Should lower our expectations? Maybe, just maybe, he just got too comfortable after releasing 2 in 1. Maybe something big is cooking like I said before. I honestly don’t know.

Truth is, I really look forward to the day that he’ll treat us to another jam like Too Much, Smooth Criminal, Kidege, 4Mulla, I Wanna Be, Ding Dong, Dinda, Usipime Mwanaume, 2 in 1 because that is the Naiboi we all came to love and appreciate.

Naiboi and Kristoff have dropped the video for their mega hit ‘Somaga’ and we’re really feeling it

After 15 years of nothing but sheer hardwork, Michael Clevar Odhiambo, alias Naiboi, finally got his big break in 2018 when he released 2 in 1.

2 in 1, which was made up of short clips of local celebs singing along to lyrics of the song, was one of the biggest jams in Kenya in 2018 alongside King Kaka’s Dundaing featuring Magix Enga and Ethic’s Lamba Lolo.

Naiboi, who was previously known as Rapdamu, caught the attention of many people when he released the song. He finally came to be recognized as one of the best musicians in the country.

Of course, he had released many songs before that. Some of them include; Problem, 4Mulla, Dinda, Smooth Criminal, I Wanna Be, Ding Dong, Too Much etc. However, none of these songs did well like 2 in 1.


Music fans finally accorded him the respect that he deserved. Naiboi was finally recognized for his work. Perhaps this motivated him as he has been putting a lot of work lately.

In the last few months he has released four new songs. These are; Keki, Usipime Mwanaume, Bungee Jump and Somaga whose video was released three days ago.

He teamed up with Kristoff for Somaga and you know what to expect when you hear these two names in one song. Even before you listen to the song, you get this feeling that your earbuds will not be disappointed.

The audio came out on February 25 and as you know, most music fans don’t take you seriously until you release a music video. So, Naiboi did the needful.

Somaga is about this beautiful lass who is always busy on her phone. Some guy is trying to get her attention but she never replies his messages. Instead, she talks to other people in her Insta DMs and WhatsApp messages. I know many of you can relate to this.


Kristoff a.k.a Mluhya Wa Busia really came through on Somaga. His voice is so unique and it adds this great vibe to the whole song. Let’s be honest, this song would be kind of flat without him. As such, it’s not a surprise that Kristoff is featured in many collabos. His voice adds flavour to a song.

The song’s chorus is easy to remember. It goes like, “When I’m with you now you are busy on your phone*2. Zako maWhatsApp, zako ma Insta. Nikituma ka DM yangu unapita. Asema zako Ma WhatsApp, zako ma Insta. Nikiskuma Ka DM, zangu unapita. Wewe bana, ah wewe nishakusomanga*4.

The star-studded video which was directed by VJ One is also on point, with smooth transitions from one scene to the next. The video featured a number of local celebrities including; Terrence Mwangi, Mammito, Jaymo Ule Msee, Annstellah Karimi etc.

Rixx really came through on the beat so much so that this song is somewhere between a club banger and a feel good song. You can’t really tell where it lies. All that is clear is that it’s such a good song.

Watch Somaga below and tell us what you think.