Rebecca Soki exits from Bahati’s recording label EMB!

Bahati’s recording label seems to be facing a number of issues judging from the number of artists who have called it quits!

First, Weezdom walked away without saying anything only to learn that he was allegedly forced out by Bahati’s wife; then came Mr Seed who also had beef with the Bahati’s for trying to get his wife arrested.

In less than a week, David wonder also packed and left saying that he had decided to work on his projects alone.

EMB’s first recording female walks away

Anyway, word now has it that Rebecca Soki had also called it quits after some misunderstandings. Speaking with YMashariki presenter Ken Relbis; Rebecca’s manager, Papa Obong opened up saying;

Rebecca Soki left EMB as there was a misunderstanding between her and the label. She is now working on her own projects and hasn’t been to EMB records for the last four months. Rebecca felt played when she learnt that her song ‘Baraka Zangu’ was sampled from abroad and that really turned her off because she is very God-fearing and felt that using someone else’s beat is stealing. It was a huge turn off for her and in addition, there was a battle in the label as someone else claimed that the song was originally theirs,