Bridget Achieng speaks after failed ‘Nai Fest 2020’ that left fans stranded, hurt and robbed

Bridget Achieng who is said to be the brain behind Nai Fest has finally opened up about the event; as seen on her social media pages. Having left fans disappointed and artists complaining about payment among others; Bridget Achieng has now taken it upon herself to address the burning issue.

Through her instagram page, the mother of one went on to share a long post where she started off by thanking sponsors, fans and her supporters for showing up on time. According to the lady, the festival wouldn’t have come this far if not for their support all through. She wrote;

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First of all I would like to thank God who made it possible to have a successful the Naifest ultimate Brunch. thank goodness it did not rain like last time ???? to our supporters, sponsors and fans we say ” *Asante sana” .* we would not have done it without you. Every edition of the naifest we learn, improve and get better.

Talks of pandemic

Apart from giving thanks, Bridget made it known that her team had ensured to observe all COVID 19 measures; to avoid exposing both fans and artists to the virus. She went on to add;

At the Naifest we are live to the fact that the pandemic is still with us and its a collective effort to flatten the curve and go back to our normal lives. We thank Matter hospital for making sure all the necessary government protocols concerning covid 19 was put in place as we went above and beyond to ensure everyone was safe.
We have demonstrated that it possible to have an event during a pandemic.

Unfortunately the lady did not feel the need to talk about her failed event on the post; but promised to hold a live session where she would reveal why the event failed.

Although we already know that most of the artists were not paid; most fans were hoping that Bridget Achieng explains why this has become a pattern yet fans pay to be present especially with the Nigerian big names around to perform.

As a company we take the safety and security of our supporters , sponsors and fans very seriously and as such all the necessary safety precautions were put however, there were some eventualities that were unforseen and will be addressing that on my Instagram live and the naifest live page at 9pm so stay tuned.

Anyway let us hope that her explanation will finally give us answers; but hey, at the end of the day atleast she pocketed her share…. but what about fans?