Baby number two on board! Check out Size 8’s growing baby bump

Gospel singer and preacher Linet Munyali aka Size 8 might be expecting her second child as seen in her latest photo.

Size 8

This comes 7 months after she suffered a miscarriage that saw her battle with her faith in God as revealed in a post shared a while back. She wrote saying;

God is the giver of life and God is perfect no man is He alone knows what is best for us…….. Am writing this may be to someone it will be an encouragement. Rumours were in many blogs that I was pregnant but I never did really confirm it cause it was a battle all the way so I just wanted to go with the fight privately. But God decided the best lane for me and I lost the pregnancy juzi…….. To be honest I ve cried Ive asked God so many questions I have given my husband stress He is trying to make me be okay, I was so angry… faith in God has been greatly tested……. But what the holy spirit remainds me is this linet trust in the FAITHFULNESS of God trust in His perfect LOVE for you He knows whats best for you Linet…….. So to all the women who have gone through the same I will tell you this God loves us and He knows whats best for us. And let us trust in His faithfulness…….. And to the women who are trusting God for a child I have so much respect for you waaaaa I think your are stronger than 20men and God will reward your faith in Him despite the challenges………. I pray that we may all praise God and give thanks to Him in all circumstances God give us the grace to do this……… One day this will turn around for my good for we know in all things that happen to us who believe in God who love Him happens for our own Good……. I will continue to praise God in Jesus name for His FAITHFULNESS…… Sitaacha kumsifu bwana….. Thanks @djmokenya for your love and support switt thanks and for all who knew what was going on thanks for your prayers Ann Munyali, Pastor Mary, Pastor Gladys ,Gladys my sis ,Mary, ndanu Cynthia,Daisy , Jamo….. Lets pray for each other and love each other above all…… Pray for me……Lord I sing this song by @therealsinach REJOICE for I know you are good…. ??? Am gone dance and praise him it doesnt matter what comes my way, the greater one lives inside of me His name is Jesus. Am born a winner, more than victorious am heir of his kingdom, filled with the holy ghost. I rejoice in him rejoice in him I am more than a conquer. no weapon formed against me shall ever prosper coz the greater one??

However, time has definitely healed her wound and is now again rumored to be expecting baby number two with her husband, DJ Mo.

Size 8 trying to hide her baby bump

Baby bump

Size 8 was photographed during a certain  meeting this past weekend and judging from the angle the photo was taken; we can confirm that she is definitely rocking a baby bump.

She however threw on a pink tutu skirt to hide the growing baby bump – but not for long! Check out the photo below.

Baby on board