“Teamo” by Rayvanny featuring Mozambique’s Messias Maricoa gives you every reason to fall in love

As the lovers’ date 14th February approaches, Wasafi’s Rayvanny treats fans to some romantic tune dubbed “Teamo”.  In the song, he features Mozambique’s Messias Maricoa.

This is among Rayvanny’s six releases for Valentines set to rock the valentines day and he termed the songs Flowers.

The multiple award winner is well known for his success in music thus he drops an array of songs that are merely about love.

I mean the jam posses the kizomba vibe that not many Africans can dance to but just wish to. Do you think am lying? Watch the video and tell me if it’s not dreamy.

Messias Maricoa, who hit the spotlight last year and has remained a resounding success to date, was the only Mozambican to win a prize at the Kizomba Music Awards.


Maricoa won the trophy in the Mais Kizomba category at the world’s largest Kizomba platform.

His input in this jam has contributed to selling Rayvanny’s music to their region. For that, I say, good job guys.


Now let’s do some little breakdown of this jam. “Teamo” is a Spanish word that means “I love you”. Yes, the song is about a guy expressing his feelings to the woman he loves.

Well, as I always say love is a beautiful thing and this video just shows every attribute of love. For me, Rayvanny did a good job in this song.

The ambience given in the video too is superb. You know those that guys use to propose to their loved ones? Clearly, the song carries every scene of such places.

The lyrics too are worth listening to. Rayvanny praises his woman telling her to what extent he can go to just show the world their love.

He further describes her beauty and tells her how much he loves her. Then we are shown some ladies dancing to the song with graceful Kizomba moves.

Basically its just perfection all in one. Watch and tell us what you think.