Tanasha Donna opens up about her childhood for the first time

Tanasha Donna may have been in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years now but unlike most celebrities we have come to know- Ms Donna shares very little information about herself and those close to her.

Before she dated Diamond Platnumz there are those who knew nothing about her previous love life…actually come to think of it, Miss Donna’s only known ex boyfriend before Diamond Platnumz is Nick Mutuma.

Young Tanasha Donna with step dad

So yea, the lady lives a private life for an artiste – which leaves me wondering…could her private life be the reason she remains underrated? I mean – she’s good at singing and rapping but her fans have nothing else to talk about apart from her songs, right?

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Tanasha on her childhood

Anyway, thanks to a new IG status post mama Naseeb Jnr for the first time shared little information on her childhood saying;

When people ask where I’m from….I never know where to start. Born in the UK, Grew up in Kenya then left for Belgium but my biological father’s Italian with some other mixes in there too but grew up with a Belgium step dad then moved back to Kenya 6/7 years ago but go back & forth Europe/Kenya when I can and co.


Well since she already dropped her anticipated single Karma, I bet she’s now ready to open up alittle more to her fans; hoping this move will help keep her relevant in the entertainment industry.

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