Tanasha finally comes clean on why she walked out on Diamond without notice (Video)

We can only admit that the world is always quick to judge when someone´s life goes haywire or something doesn´t end up working for them.

One can explain that we are only human. Fine! But it is neither the right way to go. The victims end up getting hurt in the process and the critics end up feeling sorry for their actions, once the truth comes out.

Anyway, celebrities have more often that not been judged for the choices they make in life. What we fail to understand is that life never came with a manual to it.

Kenyan songbird, Tanasha Donna became the punching bag after her relationship with Diamond was marred with controversies, left, right and center which saw her pack her bags and leave in February.

Kenyan musician, Tanasha Donna

To many, this was bound to happen. Some felt she was the reason why it never worked. Others pinned the blame on the Tanzanian crooner and his family. While others were just not sure where to stand.

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Red light

During her recent interview with Kenya´s Baraka FM, the mother of one clarified that she already had second thoughts about their relationship since long ago.

A mission that was already decided upon after things between them started seeming misty, all she needed was a date to officially call it quits.

Enough is enough, I decided to leave. You know!? So it´s not something I woke up one day and said ¨you know what,  I´m leaving¨.

Co-parents, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

She called out people for judging her too quick without trying to get the facts right or even understanding why she had to walk away abruptly.

Well, it turns out, for the sake of her mental health and that of her son, she needed to face the situation head-on and care less about what people had to say.

No! There was a build up of many things and people never see the build up of things that caused me to walk away, they only notice when everything explodes.

Mama Naseeb also known as Tanasha Donna

Just to take you a while back when the Kenyan girl had her interview with True Love´s Mandi, the 24-year old revealed that she already started seeing the red light six months before she officially broke up with her baby daddy.

That already tells you that she had held on for too long to waste any more time.

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