Tanzanian Musician Alikiba Accused Of Taking Advantage Of Video Vixen

Tanzanian music star Alikiba is facing allegations of taking advantage of a Tanzanian video vixen and model named Madeleine.

In a recent interview on Wasafi FM, Madeleine accused Alikiba of hypocrisy, asserting that his public persona is starkly different from his actual character, especially concerning his treatment of women.

“The way he presents himself in the media and his reality are the complete opposite,” she said.

Madeleine said she has chosen to speak out about her experiences to shed light on what she perceives as his disrespectful and opportunistic behaviour in the entertainment industry.

“Sometimes you have to put things out there to have an impact on our society. My goal when I entered music was to become a musician, so when I met these big artists, I expected them to hold my hand, but the exact opposite happened for me,” she said.

Madeleine added that Alikiba has a history of pursuing her, even when he was married, suggesting that he showed little regard for boundaries.

“He is one of the people who showed me mad disrespect. For the industry to be respectable, there should be some boundaries, even if your job is to be a model, there is a certain amount of respect you need to give that person,” she noted.

Alikiba has not yet responded to these allegations.

This is a serious accusation, and it is important to remember that Alikiba is innocent until proven guilty. However, it is also important to listen to Madeleine’s story and to believe survivors of sexual harassment and assault.

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