Tanzanian Singer Mbosso Reacts After Fans Grill Him for cross-dressing

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has reacted after fans grilled him for wearing a dera, a traditional Swahili dress, to a recent performance.

Mbosso was wearing a yellow dera, white sneakers, and white sunglasses when he performed at the Wasafi Festival in Mbeya, Tanzania, over the weekend.

When asked about his dress code, Mbosso said that he would not advise men to wear like that. However, he also said that he was not trying to start a fashion trend and was simply wearing what he felt comfortable in.

Some fans have praised Mbosso for his courage and for challenging traditional gender roles. Others have criticized him for wearing a dress, saying that it is not appropriate for men.

Mbosso’s decision to wear a dera has sparked a debate about gender roles and fashion in Tanzania. It is a reminder that fashion is a form of self-expression and that people should be free to wear whatever they like, regardless of their gender.

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