Tear-jerking event as The Bahatis gift Denno his own car [video]

What more can you ask for when a friend decides it is time you also lived a life worthy of everyday´s challenges? The Bahatis surprised Denno with his own brand new Nissan march.

Gospel artist, Denno was away from the music scenes for quite sometime and none of us had a hint of his whereabouts.

Until The Bahatis paid them a visit and we could tell all is not well. Bahati revealed that the ¨Mbona¨ singer was struggling to make ends meet especially in music production expenses.

The Bahatis and Denno with his wife and daughter, previously


Kenyans challenged Bahati to step up and do more for the gospel singer, if at all he cared. Sure enough, he stepped up.

First, he brought him back to our screens after their recent collabo, ¨Bado¨ where Denno believes it is not yet time to give up.


So now, after opening up on the challenges he has especially for transport, Denno has now received a brand new Nissan march from the EMB President to solve the problem.

Through an Instagram video, that showed the happening of events, Diana and Bahati drive off to Denno´s place without the knowledge of Denno, neither his wife.

Surprise gift

They go in as surprise guests. Then out they walk to the car, with Denno´s wife blindfolded and she is taken aback the minute she is told the car in front of her is now theirs.

The Bahatis gift Denno and his wife a brand new Nissan march


Denno is handed the car´s logbook and asked to put it in his name because the car is a gift from The Bahatis.

Bahati hands Denno his new car´s log book

Overwhelmed, tears flowing, emotions rising, thoughts racing, hearts beating…it is just too much for the couple to take in.

Weezdom joined in the entourage and holds Denno closely, as he tries to compose himself from the elation.

An overwhelmed Denno holds onto Weezdom

He is still in shock and goes ahead to physically touch it and even sit in it.

Denno aided by wife to have a feel of his new car Denno in his new Nissan march

Bahati´s words to Denno are:

Congratulations! Endelea kuimba, Wakenya wanakupenda sana na vile tulisema tunataka kusupport Denno, most of the Kenyans wamekua willing sana kukusupport na kuona umerudi. Tumeona tulete our small gift kama Diana na Bahati na the whole EMB.

A tearful Denno then expresses:

You don´t know guys what you have done. Nasema asanteni sana. You guys, I can´t forget this gesture my whole life. Yaani siezi sahau. Siezi sahau nyi ndio watu mmenitoa kwa mat. Ilikua noma yaani. I bless God. Each and every time nikiona ii gari nitakua nakumbuka I have to work hard. Nitakua nakumbuka I have a reason to wake up every morning kutoka nje kutafutia mtoi wangu na wife wangu. God awainue yani sana.

Weezdom and Denno get emotional during the event


The tear-jacking event was a sure blessing to Denno and his family, from the EMB family. Check out photos below.

Denno´s wife and Diana embrace each otherDenno´s wife finds comfort in Diana´s arms Denno with his wife and daughter in their new car The Bahatis´ surprise gift to Denno and his wife, a Nissan March



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