Terence Creative Gushes Over Wife Milly Chebby, Warns Social Media Bullies Against Trash-Talking Her

Comedian and content creator Terence Creative and his exquisite wife are a power couple that never allow criticism to ruin their perennial love. Even though they have received numerous body-shaming criticisms from social media bullies, the two sweethearts remain positive about their healthy love life.

Terrence's honesty helped me forgive cheating - Milly Chebby
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Man Of The House

Terence Creative has taken to Instagram to protect Milly from such bullies; who mostly come up with anonymous accounts to insult them.

In a long Instagram post, he wrote;

You can call her whatever you want and see whatever you wanna see in her but nothing shall ever blind me from seeing her beautiful soul; a kind and loving woman to me and anyone around her. Very cute @millychebby ❤️❤️
“When a fool utters all kinds of insults against you in social media without even knowing you or without any worthwhile reason or provocation,usually they are merely sad & pathetic attention seeking trolls who we should all feel sorry for. They don’t deserve our anger.
They deserve our pity. People who hide under fake accounts and anonymous account. Have nothing good to say. They always talk trash about others. Influence hate , bullying and abuse. They are instigators. They use this accounts to say filthy things and to ruin people lives. What they don’t know is that Karma knows their real identity. “ I WISH YOU WELL CYBER BULLY. #iPityCyberbullies ????;”

The love between the two lovebirds will definitely not end soon. All the best to both of them.


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