The family of Brian Chira discusses the controversy surrounding his funeral and sexuality

Image: A Fan to tiktoker Brian Chira attending his burial ceremony at the family home in Gathanje, Githunguri in Kiambu County on March 26,2024.EVANS HABIL

Two of the late Brian Chira’s uncles have stepped forward to defend his character, describing him as a charming and academically gifted individual.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the younger uncles shed light on Brian’s life and refuted speculations about his sexual orientation.

“As his uncles, we knew Brian as a devout church attendee. There were rumors circulating about his sexual orientation, even within our community. Some mentioned him painting his nails, but that was part of a beauty course he pursued for livelihood,” they clarified.

Regarding the disorderliness at his funeral, the uncles expressed disappointment at the inability to provide him with a dignified send-off.

“We encountered several challenges growing up, and we were disheartened by some of Brian’s actions. His behavior was not what we desired, and it was unacceptable. Even today, there’s been a lack of decorum. His funeral lacked dignity; TikTokers dominated, which wasn’t our intention. We had requested certain individuals to refrain from the graveside, but they disregarded our wishes,” they lamented.

They portrayed Brian as sociable and benevolent but noted his inclination to conceal his struggles.

“Though he appeared stressed, he never openly disclosed it. He shared his hardships online, indicating his suffering. He preferred phone communication over face-to-face interaction,” they elaborated.

One uncle mentioned not witnessing Brian’s casket after viewing his body at Kenyatta University mortuary.

“Brian used to visit us frequently when home from school, but after disclosing his HIV status, he distanced himself from many relatives and avoided gatherings. We mostly saw him on TikTok. This marked a notable departure from the Brian we knew,” they disclosed, preferring anonymity.

Chira was laid to rest on Tuesday, March 26, at his grandmother’s ancestral land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County.

At just 23 years old, Chira tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run accident in Karuri, Kiambu County. According to a friend who accompanied him to a local club, Chira had been drinking. When it was time to depart, he found himself without money or his phone, which was in possession of another friend he had been socializing with.

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