The family of Charles Ouda breaks their quiet with touching remembrances

The unexpected passing of actor Charles Ouda has plunged his family and close ones into grief, prompting them to unite in offering heartfelt tributes to the beloved TV and movie star.

The announcement of Ouda’s demise was shared through a statement on his Facebook page, jointly composed by his elder sister, Elizabeth Ouda, and Charli’s fiancée, Ciru Muriuki, who appealed for privacy during this challenging period.

In a touching homage, Elizabeth Ouda conveyed profound love for her brother, portraying him not just as “the best brother but also a client, neighbour, and best friend.”

Adding to the outpouring of affection, Charli’s niece, Kina, expressed deep sorrow at the loss of her cherished uncle.

“From the absolute bottom of my heart, I will love and miss you, Uncle Charlie. you were one of my favourite people, and you always knew how to bring a smile to my face and inspire me in the most beautiful way. Until we meet again,” Kina shared.

Yvette Issar, the actor’s cousin, recollected the joy of witnessing his brilliance and fearlessness, expressing regret for not having more time with him.

“I wish I got to tell you how much joy I experienced watching you blossom, radiate brilliance. I wish I got in touch more. I wish I got to hang out, listen to your big plans, see you smile and watch you make a room explode with laughter. Thank you, Charlie, for your fearlessness, your fierceness, your friendship and your love. I am so glad I got to sing with you, and I am so proud of you and always will be. Till soon…”

Sally Awino, another cousin, fondly recalled moments of pride and admiration for Ouda, affectionately referring to him as her favorite cousin. She expressed regret at the missed opportunities to connect more deeply and pledged to cherish the memories they shared, eagerly awaiting the day they would reunite.

“Sincerely you were my favorite, one of my cherished cousins I couldn’t resist getting proud of, especially bragging about to my buddies, whenever you appeared over the social media platform, I could disrupt the scenario and attract attention to make awareness of your presentation on the running program by shouting ‘That’s my cousin!’” Sally said.

“I will sincerely miss those moments, till we meet again. With all that, it’s so so sentimental to accept and release you free to relocate to another glorious city. May your soul rest well Charles.”

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