The family of rapper AKA separates themselves from the book “When Love Kills.”

The family of the late AKA has distanced themselves from an upcoming book by journalist and author Melinda Ferguson, which has already stirred controversy.

Titled ‘When Love Kills: A Tragic Tale of AKA and Anele,’ the book delves into the tumultuous relationship between hip hop star AKA and 21-year-old Anele Tembe, culminating in her tragic death in April 2021.

In a statement, AKA’s parents, Tony and Lynn Forbes, clarified that they declined to contribute to the book when approached by Ferguson and are not associated with its contents. They expressed their disapproval of the book’s publication and timing.

Similarly, Anele’s family, through spokesperson Manqoba Zungu, distanced themselves from the book, emphasizing that it reflects Ferguson’s own perspective and research.

Ferguson, on her part, expressed the challenges and emotional toll of working on the book, acknowledging leaks of its contents on social media. She described the process as intense and heartbreaking, revealing that it had strained her own relationship.

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