“The first gay people I met were friends of my mum” Patricia Kihoro opens up about being a lesbian 

Patricia Kihoro has been rumored to be a lesbian for a longtime. Sometimes in October 2017 she was allegedly caught pants down in a lesbian threesome with Sharon Mundia and Fena Gitu.

Rumors had it that Lonina Leteipan dumped Sharon Mundia after he busted her having a girly thing with Patricia Kihoro and Fena Gatu.

Patricia Kihoro
Patricia Kihoro

Well, Patricia has finally come out as a lesbian. Speaking during an interview with Mpasho, the singer was unapologetic about her sexuality even though homosexuality is illegal in the Kenyan constitution.

“I have been accused of being a lesbian but first of all, it is not an accusation, because calling me a lesbian is not an insult as I have met wonderful human beings who are homosexual and are far better than people who have stood in certain standards of judging others. So that is why I never speak about it. I am who I am, you know! I know what I stand for and my family knows what I stand for,” said Patricia Kihoro.

Interaction with gay people
Patricia Kihoro with her mother
Patricia Kihoro with her mother

Patricia further reveals that her mother has been very supportive of her work and opinion. She reveals that her first interaction with gay people was courtesy of her mother.

“My mother has supported my work from the start and she always respects my opinion. The first people I ever met who were openly gay were friends of my mum. I was probably 16 years and she didn’t make a big deal about it, and therefore I also did not learn that was a big deal,” revealed Patricia.





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